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A letter with your complaint may be all it takes.  

How Does it Work?

We will draft an official letter on your behalf, send it to you by email. You forward it to the Recipient by post or by email.

There are 3 levels of letters - Letters of First Instance, Follow-up Letter and Pre-action Letter.

Just complete and submit our Contact Form and it will be done.

When you are too busy to deal with Complaining, or a Solicitor's letter may be too costly, we will draft your letters for you!

Our professional Complaint Letter drafting service gives you the opportunity to lodge formal complaints regarding Faulty Goods, Harassment, Poor Service, Late Payments and more.

When things go wrong and it is not your fault, it can be frustrating, especially when there is no one to give you advice and it seems that things go wrong more and more often these days. 

Letters of Complaint often prove more effective than telephone complaints. Some companies may keep recorded telephone complaints but those will remain in their possession and it will be difficult for you to rely on them as proof for any future litigation. You, however, retain possession of your copy letter for future reference.

For a small fee from £5.00, you can use our official Letters of Complaint which are drafted professionally for you.

Have you had your vehicle re-possessed without due notice?

Is there anyone out there who have had this Issue?

I received a notification from a Bailiff Company with a date of 2 working days to comply before having my vehicle confiscated due to non-payment of a toll charge! I did not drive through a Toll without paying, I would have noticed!

I never received an initial Notice!

What our Fantastic Users Say

"I got an email in response and they were very apologetic. They have given me an extra 200 cards for free and 24-hour delivery to make up for their error. I am now a very happy bunny. Thanks again, it was worth it.”


You Complain

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